From Our Founders

Caitlyn Vanderhaeghe, President and CEO

As president and CEO, I am devoted to educating parents about optimal nutrition, developing top quality products and most importantly, bringing a mother’s perspective to the team.

When one of my three daughters was diagnosed with serious iron deficiency anemia at the age of two, the lack of clean supplements fueled my mission to create excellent kids’ nutrients that I could be proud of.

With over a decade of experience managing supply chain, sourcing ingredients, and developing natural health products, I know what it takes to make a great supplement.

Parents can feel confident giving KidStar supplements to their children. From one mom to another, my promise is that we only make products we would be proud to give to our own children.

Caitlyn Vanderhaeghe, BA, BEd

President and CEO, KidStar Nutrients

Kyle Head, CTO

Growing up in a family-run nutrition business dedicated to helping others has given me a lasting appreciation for health and nutrition. As a husband and proud father of an inquisitive daughter, I am focused on providing only the best nutritional supplements for my family.

Running KidStar means I can do the same for other families as well. My experience managing all things technology-based at one of Canada’s fastest growing companies has been invaluable to KidStar.  I oversee everything operational and technical; if it dings, beeps or comes in a box, I will manage it. Together with my sister Caitlyn, I am working to bring the highest quality, clean, natural supplements to your family.

I have now tasted every kids’ supplement on the market and I can tell you KidStar nutritional supplements are so delicious and fun your kids are going to ask for them and as parents you are going to feel confident you are doing the best for your family.

Kyle Head

CTO, KidStar Nutrients

How We Got Started

From as far back as we can remember, we have lived and breathed all things natural health through the work of our mother, nutritional health expert Lorna Vanderhaeghe. Living with a health advocate like our mom, we were encouraged to ask questions, not accept standard doctrine, and to seek alternative solutions when possible.

As children we packed orders after school and on weekends for our mom’s first supplement company. We attended conferences and health food trade shows with her. Healthy habits were paramount in our house and we learned about nutrition at home every day. Foods containing sugar or synthetic ingredients were banned. Including juice! Instead, all our meals, and even treats like our mom’s mountain cookies, were loaded with healthy ingredients.

As adults, we continued in the natural health industry. We ran our mom’s women’s supplement company, managing the supply chain (Caitlyn) and information technology (Kyle) divisions.

Once we had our own children, we were so dissatisfied with the choice of children’s nutritional supplements available on the market that we knew we had to do something about it. We saw there was a need for a children’s line of nutritional supplements—nutrients we would be proud to give to our own children.

Supplements marketed as ‘healthy’ were full of sugar, sucralose, soy, fillers, titanium dioxide, and harmful artificial ingredients. We searched for supplements that had no side effects, that were effective, and that were free of unnecessary or harmful ingredients—they didn’t exist. 

From our years of experience, we knew that it was possible to formulate and manufacture clean nutrients, backed by research. We knew we could make nutrients so delicious kids would ask for them and so healthy parents could feel assured knowing that KidStar is committed to their kids’ health. 

Fuelled by our passion for good health, we founded KidStar Nutrients. 

Why Choose KidStar®

Our KidStar Nutrients are clean with nothing to hide.

KidStar Nutrients products are third-party independently tested and safe. Parents can feel good about giving our nutrients to their children. Our nutrients are clean because KidStar Nutrients believes a supplement should only contain what you need and nothing more.

KidStar Nutrients is a proudly Canadian family-managed company.