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Our Story

KidStar founders, Caitlyn and Kyle, were so dissatisfied with the choice of children’s nutritional supplements available on the market that they knew they had to do something about it. They saw that there was a need for a children’s line of nutritional supplements–nutrients they would be proud to give to their own children.

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Why Do We Need
Vitamin D?

We need vitamin D for healthy bones, teeth, immune system, and more… We get most of our vitamin D through sun exposure and some through food, but often these sources are not enough for optimal health.

The KidStar® Promise

We believe that nutrients should contain only the ingredients needed and nothing more.

We promise to deliver the highest quality nutritional supplements without harmful additives.

Nutrients Parents Can Trust & Kids Love

Kids’ Line

BioFe® Iron

Immune Support

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Growing Children Need Iron

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