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Black Hole Ingredients

What you won’t find in KidStar Nutrients

KidStar is passionate about creating nutritional supplements that are free of any harmful or unnecessary ingredients.

We feel strongly that our products should provide children with only the best quality ingredients we can find, whether they be the medicinal or non-medicinal ingredients.

Medicinal Ingredients are the active ingredients in a product which support the claims on the label. For example, Vitamin D3 in a bone supporting product.

Non-medicinal Ingredients are the ingredients added to a product for reasons other than to support the claims on a products label. For example, ingredients used to manufacture a product (fillers, flowing agents, binders), color, flavor and/or preserve a product.


rainbow display of yellow, green, blue, purple and pink rock candy

Artificial Colors

tiny white artificial sugar tablets on a spoon against an orange-red background

Artificial Sweeteners

artificial strawberry made of clay against a yellow background

Artificial Flavors

white powder preservative, E321, on a wooden testing stick

Artificial Preservatives

white powder spilling out of opened orange capsule, against a blue background

Anticaking or Flowing Agents and Fillers

bowl full of different nuts

Common Allergens

sugar on a black teaspoon with sugar cubes piled nearby


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