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Organic Potato Starch

white powder potato starch, a natural thickener, in a small glass bowl on a table with potatoes

You may have seen potato starch in the baking aisle. As the name suggests, organic potato starch is a starch derived from potatoes. Organic potato starch is known as resistant starch, a type of starch that cannot be digested by the body. Once it enters the colon it becomes a food source (prebiotic) for our good bacteria.

In addition to supporting gut health, resistant starch has been found to support healthy blood sugar levels and halt insulin resistance which can lead to diabetes.

Why We Use Potato Starch 

During manufacturing sometimes ingredients can stick together, which can be a problem. To stop clumping from occurring, anti-caking ingredients are used. Many other companies use potentially harmful ingredients such as talc as anti-caking ingredients.

We picked organic potato starch because it is an all natural product that stops ingredients from sticking together, is a vegetable source, has no harmful effects, and contains resistant starch which the body uses as a prebiotic.

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