The KidStar® Promise

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We promise to deliver the highest quality nutritional supplements without harmful additives.

KidStar® Nutrients only contain the ingredients you need for optimal health and nothing more.

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Our products are out-of-this-world amazing. We make supplements that kids love and parents can trust.

From initial concept and through each stage of research, manufacturing, and testing our products have gone through an extensive journey to be the best.

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Pure with nothing to hide

Our Founders would settle for nothing less than the best for their kids and yours. They take the promise of making healthy and delicious nutritional supplements seriously. You won’t find any harmful ingredients like artificial colour, flavours and sweeteners, sugar or high fructose corn syrup. KidStar never uses unnecessary additives simply to make manufacturing easier and cheaper.

It took a lot of care to make clean, delicious, effective supplements but we would accept nothing less. We are proud to feed our family KidStar nutrients. 


Our products contain well-researched, science-based ingredients designed for kids’ growing bodies.

We study the latest developments in nutritional science to ensure we formulate our supplements with the best nutrient forms and doses for children’s needs.

We are tired of seeing children’s supplements with inadequate doses or missing key nutrients that our children need for optimal health.

KidStar products are Health Canada licensed natural health products. You will find the Natural Product Number (NPN) on each product label, which means Health Canada has deemed our products safe and effective.

Made with care

We care about your kid’s nutrition. We make products that we are proud to give to our own children.

Each and every ingredient is carefully selected to make our products.

All ingredients and finished products are third-party, independently tested to ensure that they contain what we state is on the label and are free of harmful contaminants.

Our products are manufactured in Canada or in European Union certified facilities all because we care.

Proudly Canadian

KidStar is a family-focused, proudly Canadian company.

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