BioFe™ Pure Iron Unflavoured Drops

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Dark under-eye circles?
Behaviour problems?
Sleep problems?

Could be LOW IRON.

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A bedtime book for kids who need a bit of help falling asleep at night

Emma’s Sleep Adventure


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Gentle, highly absorbable, pure liquid iron formula. Raises ferritin and hemoglobin fast.

BioFe™ Pure Iron Drops



Gentle, highly absorbable, pure iron formula that raises ferritin and hemoglobin fast, in a tiny chewable tablet.

BioFe™ Pure Iron Chewables


About KidStar™

We founded KidStar™ Nutrients because we wanted clean supplements for our own children. Finding nothing on the market that wasn’t full of added sugar and needless fillers, we set out to research and formulate clean supplements that we would be proud to give to our own kids

KidStar™ Nutrients believes that a supplement should only have clean ingredients that you need in it and nothing more.

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