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Our Story

KidStar founders, Caitlyn and Kyle, were so dissatisfied with the choice of children’s nutritional supplements available on the market that they knew they had to do something about it. They saw that there was a need for a children’s line of nutritional supplements–nutrients they would be proud to give to their own children.

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top view of woman's scalp, with thinning hair

Female Hair Loss: The Low Iron Connection

Learn more about the connection between low iron and hair loss.

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Digestive Disorders and Nutrient Deficiencies: IBS, Celiac Disease, and Crohn’s

Learn more about nutrient deficiencies in children and adults with digestive disorders.

top view of woman's scalp, with thinning hair

Perte de cheveux chez la femme: le lien avec une faible teneur en fer

Décourvrez le lien entre une faible teneur en fer et la perte de cheveux.

The KidStar® Promise

We believe that nutrients should contain only the ingredients needed and nothing more.

We promise to deliver the highest quality nutritional supplements without harmful additives.

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Kids’ Line

BioFe Iron Line of products, featuring BioFe chewable, BioFe Grape chewable, BioFe pure iron drops, BioFe+ iron liquid for the Family, and BioFe+ Liquid Iron with B6 and B12

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