Gentle, highly absorbable, iron liquid formula for the whole family.

BioFe+™ Iron Liquid


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Complete multi vitamin and mineral formula, most bioavailable forms of essential nutrients.



(2 customer reviews)


 Gentle, highly absorbable, pure iron drops made with only 3 ingredients.


BioFe™ Pure Iron Drops


(2 customer reviews)


Gentle, highly absorbable iron in a tiny chewable tablet.

BioFe™ Pure Iron Chewables


(2 customer reviews)


A bedtime book for kids who need a bit of help falling asleep at night

Emma’s Sleep Adventure


(1 customer review)


Plant-Based mix packed with protein, vitamins, minerals, prebiotic fibre, DHA, and organic fruits and vegetables.

All-in-One Plant-Based Protein


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