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Plant-Based mix packed with protein, vitamins, minerals, prebiotic fibre, DHA, and organic fruits and vegetables.

All-in-One Plant-Based Protein

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Gentle, delicious, iron liquid formula for toddlers, children, and older.

BioFe+™ Iron Liquid


(3 customer reviews)


Gentle, delicious, iron liquid formula for the whole family.

BioFe+™ Iron Liquid For The Family



Gentle, unflavoured, pure iron drops in an MCT base.

BioFe™ Pure Iron Drops


(4 customer reviews)


Easy on the stomach, delicious, tiny chewable iron tablet.

BioFe™ Pure Iron Chewables


(3 customer reviews)


A high-DHA formula with added vitamin D3 in a yummy lemon blueberry chewable softgel.

Omega 3 DHA + Vitamin D3



We’re expecting… a new addition to the KidStar family!



Complete multi vitamin and mineral formula with the highest quality essential nutrients.



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Easy-to-use Vitamin D3 spray, flavoured with delicious organic orange.

Vitamin D3 Spray



A bedtime book for kids who need a bit of help falling asleep at night

Emma’s Sleep Adventure


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Product Bundles (NEW!)


Fill in nutritional gaps with yummy KidStar products

Picky Eater Bundle


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Loaded with essential vitamins, minerals, and omega-3 fatty acids

Star Bundle


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Iron for the Family Bundle

Iron for the Family Bundle


(Save 15%)

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